Get to Know Your Neighbor: Helen Rockenbaugh

In an effort to help San Leanna residents get to know each other better, our new Public Affairs Commissioner, Helen Rockenbaugh, will be interviewing a Village resident monthly; beginning with her own bio this month!

Next month: San Leanna’s new Road Commissioner, Danny Villareal.

Helen Rockenbaugh spent her first decade of life in Chicago, IL and vowed to never again live where it snowed and was so miserably cold!

She lived in the Philippines for two years and then moved to Texas where she spent the next seven years moving all around Houston and learned to hate moving.  Helen met her husband Charles while attending high school in Houston and they were married in 1972.  In 1979, they moved to Austin and spent the next 30 years living in Southwood, right behind South Austin hospital.

Helen was an LVN for 11 years and became an RN through Austin Community College in 1985. She currently works part time and has worked in all types of nursing jobs over the course of her career; including as a charge nurse at South Austin Hospital for 17 years,  at a private family practice, and, most recently, at Austin Recovery Center in Creedmoor.

Helen was 1st VP for Southwood Neighborhood Association for two years and is still (a little) active with them. Helen has experience registering voters and working on one of the recent presidential campaigns. ( Guess which, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. )

Charles and Helen will be married 46 years this year. Their one and only son, Zane lives here in the Austin area with his wife, Jennifer, and Helen’s two energetic grandchildren- both boys!

Stop by the Free Little Library in her yard on Sunset Drive and say, ” Hi.”  She is looking forward to being on the council and serving her new village!