Oak Wilt in the Village of San Leanna

After several years of good fortune and hard work to prevent and contain oak wilt in our community, trees infested with oak wilt have recently been found in new areas of the Village of San Leanna.

Oak wilt, caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum, kills oak trees.  Unfortunately, there is no known cure to save an oak tree infested with the oak wilt fungus.  Areas with a dense population of oak trees are susceptible to the rapid spread of oak wilt if prevention and good arboriculture procedures are not consistently followed.

If you trim your own trees, please remember that tools must be sterilized before trimming each tree, oak trees may not be trimmed until the temperature is well into the 90’s (prohibited February through June), and all wounds or cuts must be sealed immediately and completely with an approved tree wound sealer or paint to protect your trees and the trees of your neighbors.  If you hire a company to trim your trees, it is your responsibility to ensure that the individual or crew obtains a permit from the Village office before trimming any trees, as required by the Village’s Tree Ordinance

Please take some time to inspect your trees for signs of oak wilt and visit www.stopoakwilt.com/oak-wilt to find additional information about oak wilt including photos of how the disease presents itself most often.

If you have questions or concerns or would like to participate in the Village’s Tree Committee, please contact the Village of San Leanna at village@sanleannatx.com or 512-280-3898.

If you believe you may have oak wilt on your property, please contact Dane Avery, the Village’s Consulting Arborist, immediately at (512) 913-3442.