Protecting Mail and Packages During the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season, I would like to remind all residents of the Village of San Leanna to collect mail frequently and to bring packages in as promptly as possible. Very unfortunately, with the increase in package deliveries and gifts arriving by mail, there tends to be an uptick in theft as well. We have already had a report of several mailboxes being broken into on the north side of FM 1626.

As always, please also remember to lock your vehicles and, especially around this time of year, do not leave gifts or any other valuables on the seats or in the trunk of your vehicle! Trunk burglaries are very common this time of year as thieves are looking for shopping bags.

It is saddening that there are people who prey on others during the holidays and I realize that it is frustrating that it falls on the potential victim of such crimes to take preventative measures.

If you experience a theft of any nature, please call and report it to the Travis County Sheriff’s Department so that they will know to increase their patrols within the Village. It is helpful to inform the Village staff as well; however, we cannot make a report on a resident’s behalf – so please call the police first.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!