Rate increase from WASTE CONNECTIONS

 effective AUGUST 1, 2017

The current contract between the Village of San Leanna and Waste Connections (formerly Progressive Waste Solutions) for trash and recycling pick-up has been in effect for two years, with three years remaining.  We are fortunate to receive quality services at a rate substantially lower than surrounding cities and neighborhoods.  However, we recently received notice that the rate charged to each household will be increasing effective August 1st, per our contractual agreement.

Waste Connections’ costs for labor, health insurance, disposal, and fuel increase every year.  The company has submitted detailed information demonstrating an increase of 2 percent over the last 12 months in the Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers (CPI-U). Additionally, Waste Connections provided a letter outlining a 3.1 percent increase to operating costs due to the increased cost of landfill deposits. The combined effect of the 2 percent CPI adjustment and the 3.1 percent landfill cost adjustment renders an upward rate adjustment of 5.1 percent. These factors translate to an increase of $0.71 above the current rate per month per household.  Since we are billed on a quarterly basis, we can expect to see an increase of $2.13 plus taxes for three months of services.  This will bring the new residential rate to $18.43 plus taxes per month per household or to a quarterly billed total of $55.29 plus taxes.

Please feel free to call the Village office at (512)280-3898 or send an email to sanleanna2@yahoo.com

with any questions or concerns.

You may also contact Waste Connections directly at (512)282-3508.

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