At the September 21st, 2017 Village Council meeting, Mayor Elizabeth A. Korts furnished her resignation as the Mayor of San Leanna.

The Village of San Leanna cannot express enough gratitude for Mayor Korts’ many years of hard work and service to our community. Thank you so much, Betty! ❤

At the meeting, longtime Alderwoman, Molly Quirk, was nominated and appointed by council vote as the new Mayor of San Leanna. Her term as Alderman of Public Affairs will be finished out by former Mayor Jim Payne.  We are very excited to welcome and congratulate our new Mayor and Alderman!

Thank you to all of our council members and mayors (former and present) who have volunteered their time and effort to serve our community! We value you!


Mayor Quirk has written the following letter to the residents of the Village of San Leanna:

Thank you, Mayor Korts for your service to the Village. During your tenure as Mayor we accomplished many things; our roads were improved, we have identified some important infrastructure projects, new homes were built and we continue to foster a great community.

I am honored to have been nominated to fill Mayor Kort’s vacancy. Let me take a minute to introduce myself or reintroduce myself to many of you- My name is Molly Quirk and the Village has been my home for 10 years. My husband and his mother have lived in the Village since 1981. Reed currently serves as the President of the Emergency Services District. I have served on Village Council since 2010 and prior to that I served on the Village Tree Committee. I work for Commissioner George P. Bush as his Deputy Director for State Legislative Affairs and I own a photography business.  I have enjoyed getting to know everyone through my role as Public Affairs Alderman and I look forward to working together to continue all of the good things my predecessors started.

I would like to congratulate and welcome our former Mayor Jim Payne back to the Council.  He was appointed to serve out my term for Public Affairs. He brings valuable institutional knowledge to our great team. Veronica Juarez, Michelle Nolan and Christa Gregg will be helping him with our social activities. 


We invite everyone to attend our council meetings the third Thursday of each month or to find a committee to serve on. Currently we have the Zoning Committee, the Tree Committee and the Social Committee. At the October meeting I will announce at least one more committee to help further projects in the Village. So there are plenty of opportunities!

Reed and I live on the corner of Hacienda and River Oaks, if you see us outside, please stop by  to say hello. I look forward to serving you.



Mayor Molly Quirk with her husband, Reed, and mother-in-law, Barb

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