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Village of San Leanna Tree Ordinance No. 09-003

Village Arborist – Cahir Doherty (512) 221-0053

Leaves from a Live Oak with Oak Wilt - Click for more help with identification from TexasOakWilt.org



The control of oak wilt continues to be an important issue in San Leanna.  Please remember that oak trees may not be trimmed until the temperature is well into the 90’s (prohibited February through June).  If you trim your own trees a permit is recommended, and it is requested that you contact the Village Arborist if oak trees are involved.  All tools must be sterilized before trimming each tree, and all wounds or cuts must be sealed immediately in order to protect your trees and the trees of your neighbors (black spray paint works well). 

If you hire a company to trim your trees, the individual or crew must obtain a permit from the Village office before trimming any trees, as required by the Village’s Tree Ordinance. 

Tree trimming companies may or may not be aware of this requirement, so it is the property owner’s responsibility to inform them of the need to obtain a permit for each individual jobIf the tree trimming company does not contact the Village office for a permit, the property owner must do so. 

Current fees for permits include $10.00 for a one-time permit or $50.00 for an annual permit, allowing an unlimited number of jobs during the year.  However, each job must be approved on an individual basis following completion of a tree trimming permit form.  In order for the tree trimming company to obtain a permit, they must furnish a copy of their liability insurance certificate, which affords a level of protection to the property owner.

Please contact the Village Arborist, Cahir Doherty, at (512) 221-0053, for help with any and all tree-related issues, and always give him a call if oak trees are involved.

Please click here to request a permit online:

Tree Trimming/Removal Permit Form

Click Here to Download Printable Form 

Contact Rebecca Howe, City Administrator, at

(512) 280-3898 or by email at village@sanleannatx.com, if you have any questions.


The following tree-trimming companies have paid for an annual permit and have proof of current liability insurance coverage on file with the Village:

  • P & R Tree Service LLC                                 (512) 845-1682
  • American Tree Service                                   (512) 771-2436

Please call the Village office at (512) 280-3898 if you would like to add a company to the list. 


The current drought conditions central Texas has experienced in recent years have taken a toll on Village trees. Many trees are showing signs of drought-related stress such as branches dying and leaves wilting, turning brown, or dropping early.  Generally, healthy trees can successfully tolerate drought conditions, but more mature trees, very young trees, or trees experiencing problems with pests or disease have a higher risk of decline.

The link below provides guidelines for watering trees, especially those that are distressed or newly-planted.  Along with these tips, it is very important to keep in mind the mandatory water conservation restrictions imposed by Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer District and by the City of Austin during various stages of drought.  With careful monitoring, trees can be sufficiently watered to remain healthy in extreme weather conditions.

Please click here for information:    Watering Trees Fact Sheet

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